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HGV Decarbonisation Focus by Cross-Industry Group

A new group has been formed by some of the most prominent industry figures in haulage and shipping.

18 August 2022

HGV Decarbonisation Focus by Cross-Industry Group

A new group has been formed by some of the most prominent industry figures in haulage and shipping. Named the HGVzero task force, the group has some pretty impressive members from some of the biggest companies across Europe, including Eddie Stobart, Tesco, Coca-Cola European, and many others. The aim of the group is to work on the decarbonisation of HGV vehicles across Europe.


The Aim of the Group 


The aim is for the group to come up with new solutions to tackle all of the factors that have so far gotten in the way of working out how HGV vehicles can become low carbon. These initial findings and strategies need to be developed in the first six months. They have set out three key points that they will work on.


Main Pressure Points


The first problem is a lack of infrastructure for charging points. So the group will devise a way of mapping existing and proposed points that can be shared easily. Next, they will innovate and propose solutions for how the landscape of HGVs can transition to low carbon. Finally, the action plan will be drafted where they will prioritise the findings, and the result will be an actionable roadmap that can be deployed which offers a viable way for the decarbonisation of HGVs in Europe.


A Positive Collaboration


All members of the group have said that they are excited to be part of the project, which is very much needed. It is hoped that by working together rather than each big company trying to make things out on their own, changes can be implemented in a more realistic way that prevents repeated mistakes and challenges and overcomes costs. It’s a case of working together rather than leaving each company to reinvent the wheel and hoping one of them gets it right.


Wise Resource Sharing 


Speaking on behalf of Coca-Cola European partners, the director of procurement and the Great Britain lead Ellen Young said being a part of this collaborative action group will enable us to knowledge share and invest our resources wisely to maximise success in both short and long-term HGV projects collectively improving future HGV strategy.


Most Difficult Industry to Decarbonise


At the DPDgroup, Olly Craughan, head of sustainability, said: "Our sector is recognised as one of the most difficult to decarbonise, and progress towards government targets so far has been slow. As part of HGVzero, we want to build on the good work DPD have already completed by working with other leading organisations to embrace new technologies and deploy more sustainable delivery options quickly."

A Systemic Crucial Challenge

Meanwhile, Nicholas Head, environmental & sustainability Lead – UK and Ireland at XPO Logistics, gave his view: "HGV decarbonisation is a critical systemic challenge that we must address innovatively and as an industry. That's why we are particularly excited to be working with a diverse group of organisations, including our haulage peers and global shippers, to develop joint solutions that will further accelerate the sustainability of HGV transport.”


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