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Government Provides Funding For Veterans to Become HGV Drivers

When a veteran officially exits the armed forces, it can be difficult to secure employment within civilian settings. It’s a pretty well-known challenge the veterans face, and for the longest time, there hasn’t been much done about it.

21 July 2022

Government Provides Funding For Veterans to Become HGV Drivers

Thankfully, what we are saying here is a new scheme that will benefit veterans by giving them the opportunity to learn to train to become an HGV driver.

Supporting Our Veterans

Ultimately, it’s all about taking the time to support our veterans. The government will provide £100,000 in funding to make sure that more veterans have access to HGV driving roles. The new announcement comes as part of the existing £25 million of government funding that will be distributed across the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust to offer support for veterans throughout the United Kingdom.

Positive Change For All

Obviously, it’s such a positive thing when we start to see more support being given to our veterans, especially given the struggle a lot with trying to secure meaningful roles outside of military life. The problem that a lot of veterans face is often a distinct lack of experience which makes it difficult for them to acclimate.

Obviously, the skills that one learns in a military capacity often don’t translate into the world of the everyday. It’s very difficult to use a lot of these skills, because they directly relate to the military, it’s many protocols and regulations, and that makes it difficult to secure a job in order to acquire a living wage.

However, by teaching the necessary skills required to be an HGV driver, there are plenty of windows for opportunity, especially when the government is actively planning to introduce more opportunities for HGV drivers and increase the number of people driving vehicles.

Obviously, it’s amazing to see this kind of training become reality, and is going to be highly bespoke. At the end of the day, it will be expected that a large number of veterans who want this kind of specialist training will be able to acquire it. A qualified HGV driver can seek work in pretty much any location up and down the UK, and some can even go abroad to deliver, which makes it a highly versatile skill set.

Final Thoughts

Naturally, it’s wonderful to see this incredible progress for HGV drivers, and it really does point to a hopeful future. This training is exactly what many need to be able to reach a level of proficiency that will enable them to see the roles that they require, and government provided training is the best way to do this. It helps a lot. Our veterans are often considered to be a problem difficult to deal with once they exit the military world, so we have to provide them with opportunities to flourish, and this is often done through encouraging them to seek out new, meaningful positions. Hopefully, this training will be able to do that.

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