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World Mental Health Day - Using sport & exercise to tackle mental health.

Posted on: 10/10/2019

World Mental Health Day – Could Football & Exercise in general be the key in tackling mental health?

New Mercedes-Benz Business Barometer research reveals, football and sports in general could be essential to tackling mental health in the U.K. Exercise no matter how little can help us switch off from the ‘always on’ work culture which is prominent in people who suffer from anxiety (24%), depression (21%) and stress (23%) with a worrying 16% saying they are alert to work pressures 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

So how does sport play a role? Jason McAteer of Liverpool F.C spoke about his issues with mental health and depression in his documentary ‘Through the Storm’ in conjunction with Liverpool F.C and knows well the importance of having an outlet. For van drivers, watching and playing sport are two of the key activities which allow them to switch off, avoid anxiety and battle against depression. 44% said that sport is their key outlet in winding down, with football, rugby, tennis and golf reported the most popular options.

With nearly half (47%) of those surveyed saying that they struggle to wind down even once their working day is done, the importance of sporting stress relief is clear to see. Keeping moving and looking after your physical health is highlighted by the National Health Service as one of five key steps to Health & Wellbeing.

  1. Give – volunteer your time...

  2. Be active – any amount of physical activity is good for you.

  3. Connect – with the people around you, friends or colleagues.

  4. Keep learning – don't be afraid to try something new.

  5. Take notice – be aware of the world around you.